Executive Profile

Jack Young, Chairman and CEO

Jack has led energy enterprises on a global scale – including nuclear power and security, oil production and alternative fuels companies.  He started in Admiral Rickover’s nuclear navy and progressed to key positions in both the public and private sector.  He started a number of companies – as Vice Chairman, Holifield Exploration Corporation (oil production, Russia and Kazakhstan), President, International Energy Associates LTD (nuclear engineering and management, offices in Japan, Germany and U. S. – sold to ERC International – NYSE), Vice President, NUS Corp (nuclear engineering – sold to Halliburton/Brown and Root), President, Fuel Frontiers (FischerTropsch conversion,  pet coke to diesel),  CEO, Time Sharing Terminals, Inc. (first foreign attachment to telephone system – IPO), President, Custom Systems Division, Computer Sciences Corporation (developed and operated the first New York City Off-Track Betting System).  He held Presidential appointments (Nixon/Ford, Reagan, Bush 41) dealing with the turnover of the Panama Canal; and at HEW regarding Social Services and Medicaid Management Information Systems.  He handled the Nuclear Regulatory Commission for the Reagan Presidential Transition.  Graduated U. S. Naval Academy and the Advanced Naval Nuclear Power School.

Dr. Preston Grounds III, COO - Chief Scientist

Dr. Preston (Chip) Grounds III directs HLM engineering activities. As the architect of the DF2S™ technology, he is responsible for design, modeling and validation and manufacturing engineering. At the Office of Naval Research, a world leading organization in electromagnetic theory and systems, he was Director of the Electronics, Sensors and Networks Division, with a budget of $250 million, covering Electronic Warfare, RF/EO/IR Surveillance, Communications and Networks, Superconducting Electronics, Solid State RF Electronics and High Power RF Amplifiers. At the Naval Research Laboratory as Head of Surface Electronic Warfare Systems, and as Program Manager for Electronic Warfare, Chip developed the next generation of shipboard Electronic Attack systems. His first job was working for Admiral Rickover in the Naval Nuclear Power Program. Chip earned his PhD (electromagnetics, solid state physics and devices) and MS (electromagnetics) at the University of Maryland; and his BS Applied & Engineering Physics from Cornell University.

Daniel Moos, Senior Advisor for Reservoir Engineering

Dr. Daniel Moos, Honorary Member of the SPE and former Technology Fellow with Baker Hughes, provides advice and analysis to enhance design applicability of the Dry Fracture Shale System to oilfield operations.  In this role Dan assists COO/Chief Scientist Dr. Chip Grounds in technology development.  Dan was a co-founder of the L-DGO Borehole Research Group, which provided logging services to the Ocean Drilling Program, carried out research in rock physics and stress measurement at Stanford University, and co-founded Geomechanics International which was acquired by Baker Hughes leading to the creation of its Reservoir Development Services division. Dan’s expertise in reservoir engineering and geomechanics complements the electromagnetic research and development capability within Highland Light and will enable Highland Light to target development activity effectively to oilfield practices and implementation. 

Dan received a BS in geology from Cornell University and a MS and PhD from Stanford University in geophysics. 

Eric Miller, Director of Operations

Eric coordinates our client outreach and market development programs.  He is Program Coordinator of our Dry Fracture Shale Pilot Initiative, working with participating oil companies and service companies. As well, he supports our technology research activities.  Eric has over 35 years of experience in operations and sales management, with the countries largest and most respected companies including IBM, GE and Northrop Grumman. In addition, Eric has worked with several start-up companies holding key positions in developing business strategies, marketing, sales development, and all other activities associated with launching a new endeavor.

Eric received his BBA in Marketing and Business Management from Pace University.

Highland Light Design Team

Our Design Team, under Chief Scientist  Dr. Chip Grounds, is fully functioning and sized to take DF2S™ to commercial operations.  The Team has completed the system preliminary design and supported filing of seven patents.  Now the Team is executing on the Pilot Phase 1 – Analysis, Design and Laboratory Test – leading to design optimization and hardware development for 20 year downhole performance, supporting field crew operations and in-situ high temperature conditions.   The Team will direct and assess pilot well testing and interpret the results for commercial ops.  In the production phase, the Team will make system adjustments to enhance operating results specific to each shale field pay zone.

The team enjoys the unique integration of critical skills: electrical, RF, mechanical, chemical, geological, and reservoir engineering.  Both modelers and hands on engineers are involved. We have assembled such a group with a long history of work in all these areas:  A hands-on mechanical engineer with extra skills in modeling and materials science. A Ph.D. in Chemical Physics to model the complex electro chemical interactions that are occurring in the rock.   A Ph.D. in semiconductor physics for downhole solid state RF generator solutions.  A pair of hands-on RF engineers who between them have seventy years of design history in electrical engineering including RF, power, and digital.  This group is agile and able to tackle and expeditiously resolve all design tasks to take DF2S™ to commercial operations.  And each Team member is an equity holder in Highland Light.



Barlon Engineering to Support Highland Light in Development of the Dry Fracture Shale System (DF2S)   

March 26, 2020  

Barlon Engineering Group LTD President Phil Johnson and Highland Light Management Corp CEO Jack Young announced today the signing of an agreement to provide engineering and drilling technology support for the development of the Dry Fracture Shale System (DF2S).  Both companies believe synergies can be realized with collaboration of skills in the area of thermal well enhanced oil recovery technology development and execution. The companies believe that well construction technologies and methodologies used by Barlon Engineering in Canadian oil sands will enhance the efficiency and success of DF2S. 

Under this agreement, Barlon Engineering will provide: 

1.  Advice and planning to HLM to ensure relevant and practical well designs. 

2.  Detailed engineering support with specialized well construction software. 

3.  Material selection and procurement support for equipment manufacturing. 

4.  Project management of service providers and materials as required.

5.  Wellsite advisory and supervision services. 

Barlon Engineering Group LTD, a Canadian corporation with offices located at 2000, 555-4th Ave SW Calgary, Alberta has capabilities and experience in providing engineering, design and project management services related to well drilling and completion services.